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    Help! 2008 Ultra 250x

    This is my first post and im looking for some helpful information from anyone! Anything or knowledge would be great considering im clueless when it comes to jetskis!

    A buddy of mines parents where going belly up and sold me both there jetskis and duel trail for 3000$ Couldn't pass this up but I knew they would have minor problems. they are both 2008's one is the stx15F or what ever with about 30hrs and the other is an ultra 250x with around 50 hrs... 3000$ Sounds like a steal! so im hopping to be able to get them running.

    Long story short its been sitting since june of 2013 almost 2 years and never been ran so my buddy that works on skis had done the minor tune up stuff, new oil in supercharger and motor, new spark plugs, cleaned it out drained bad gas and flushed it out. Basically just the typical upkeep that would need to be done.

    After all this was done we launched the ultra 250x and let it idle for a while before doing anything aprox 10min.. it fired up on the first hit. We idle out of the boat launch and when we got to open water when we went to accelerate the nose of the haul never came up out the water and it would get over about 15mph.... The RPMS will tack out at 3000RPM's and responsive but it will not go any faster, it almost sounds like its tacking out hitting the rev limiter at 3krpms but not going anywhere almost like its just falling flat on its face if that makes since..... It will pick up to 15mph and then just plunge down and water will come up on the nose of the haul basically. FYI reverse works as well but again I cant get the ski to go over about 15mph... any advice would be great!

    Thanks in advance!

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    did you check the supercharger, is the belt correctly adjusted, are all boost clamps tight, does it have a miss, have you checked fuel pressure supply?

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