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    ETB relearn, when and why you need to do this on a MSX110/150

    I see this answer in many msx threads. So here is a thread people can link to.

    What does this achieve? It teaches the system where fully open is and fully closed is on the butterfly in the throttle body and assigns positions to the throttle sweep.

    There are several times when an ETB relearn is a good idea on an msx 110/150
    After installing a new ecu
    After installing a new/different PPU module
    After replacing the electronic throttle body
    After installing a new/different SIFB module
    After the ski has sat disconnected from power or has a dead battery
    If full throttle is not getting full rpm, or if the throttle response is not smooth.

    This is the answer ripcuda has given many times copy and pasted.
    Engine off - insert lanyard - tap starter (do NOT start it, just wakeup system)
    slowly squeeze throttle trigger to full - hold 2 seconds
    slowly release throttle to zero - pause 2 seconds
    repeat 3 times
    pull lanyard out
    wait a few minutes.

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    The service manual states this:
    ETB Learning Procedure
    The ECU must perform the ECU / ETB learning procedure when ever the ECU or ETB is replaced with a new part. During the procedure, the ECU sweeps the throttle plate from full open to full close and “learns” the unique characteristics of the ETB.
    1. Engine must be OFF, and lanyard removed from stop switch.
    2. The PPU must be at absolute 0. (Increase the throttle flipper cable freeplay to ensure PPU is set to absolute zero and that cable is not kinked.)
    3. Verify the battery voltage is at or above 10.1 Vdc, and that the engine temp. is between 42 and 176_F. The outside ambient temp. must be at least 42_F.
    4. Install the new ETB or ECU.
    5. Insert the lanyard into the stop switch for AT LEAST 30 seconds.
    6. Remove lanyard and wait for AT LEAST 2 minutes.
    7. Insert lanyard and re--start engine. Re--set the throttle flipper cable freeplay to what it was prior to performing process.
    This is different than the way I described. After inserting lanyard, I sweep the throttle a number of times, then pull lanyard. Not sure if that's needed or not... but I do know my way works.

    I once was testing out a bunch of ECUs (150 and 110) on my ski (in the lake) to ensure they worked. The ETB Relearn (my way) was required for each ECU. If I didn't do it, it was immediately noticeable after starting. Idle was all over the place and jacked up... and often would stall when trying to throttle-up. So my method works for sure. Be sure to do this if you swap ECUs, ETBs, PPUs.


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