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    What sizes needed to build my own Torx tool set?

    I would like to build a torx and inverted torx tool set for the spark? Can anyone recommend the right sizes to get? I cannot find the sizes listed for the regular sizes on a SeaDoo tool kit. Do you recommend any other tools? Thanks!

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    Why not just buy a set of Torx sockets? Then you will have all the sizes you may ever need.

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    I was weighing doing that vs buying the ready made SeaDoo tool sets. It is hard to compare when I do not know the sizes that come in the SeaDoo sets.

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    Just buy a set T8-T40. Anywhere between Snap-On and Harbor Frieght will get the job done!

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    What sizes needed to build my own Torx tool set?

    The screws that holds the top deck in place is all T30, Sponsons is T40. Im not sure about the inverted torx is, order one from riva. I did that and it has all the sizes you need

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    Thanks everyone

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    I bought an E series set for the oil filter change I think it's an E8 or E6 for that but I just spent the $50 and got the biggest kit they had. I'm noticing those are starting to be used allot. I'm sure the kit will be used for other things

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    yep, just got a set of e-sockets myself. Work greasy on the oil filter and many other BRP fasteners.

    Just get a good set of e-sockets and a good set of torx.

    1/4" & 3/8" drive and call it good, every size you need should be included in those 2 drive size sets.

    under 60 bux for all @ harbour freight.

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    When did Sea-Doo start making tool kits????

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    I don't think SeaDoo does, companies like Riva just sell kits like the SeaDoo 4Tec tool kit if I am not mistaken. I wound up getting a full set of each from harbor freight which should be good enough for what I will be doing.

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