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Thread: Transom leak?

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    Transom leak?

    So I thought I had a small hose leak but when I ran the ski on my house water hose nothing leaked. Only leaks lil drips while sitting in water. I also noticed the sealent used behind the transom looks like it's sticking out a little bit. So I'm guessing I need to reseal this and if so how long does it take to dry?

    thanks guys.

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    I had the same problem on my FZ-SVHO. I took it apart and scraped the surface very good then used White 5200 fast curing type and I was back in the water the following weekend. The whole job probably took about two hours.

    Good luck, Julio...

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    I just resealed my transom as well. I spent about 6 hours total to do it, but I also had some issues getting the nuts off because of my tunnel reinforcement. Use the 3M 5200 Fast Cure as mentioned above and you should be good to go in 24 hours. Fill the void in the transom with epoxy while it's off and make sure you sand the hull with 80 grit and clean it up good with acetone before sealing it back up. Have a jack handy to help with the alignment as well. Not a bad job at all.

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    Thanks guys.

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    Always a pleasure!!!

    good luck, Julio...

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    Was fixed under the warranty so that was great, turns out when the Pump Reinforcement was installed there are bottom washers that needed to be sanded down a bit to fit the transom snug but mine were't so the bottom was loose as can be. He said the two top bolts and the sealant were the only thing basically holding it on, amazing it didn't take on more water. Good thing I went to check out my dripping hose lol...

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