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    Buying used Spark

    I've seen a few used 2014 Seadoo Sparks on the market and was looking for some tips before potentially buying one. Is there anything I should look out for to identify potential issues? I know there was the handlebar recall, etc. and was just wondering if anyone had any tips.

    Also, what would you consider a good deal on a used '14 Spark?

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    Being a current owner of a 2014 Spark

    1) Make sure that the owner has all the service records for the recalls (handle bars/wiring harness) if it was included, not all were.
    2) See if the current owner is willing to have the ECU checked for codes
    3) Water test if possible, if not hook it up to a hose (if the owner installed the flush kit)
    4) is it under warranty till, does it have an extended warranty? (You can purchase a B.E.S.T extended warranty if it has not fell off the 1yr BRP coverage)

    I would say just do what you would do when buying anything used, inspect, inspect.

    Good deal depends on where you live and what model spark 2up /3up IBR non IBR etc...

    I am in Atlanta and my 14' 3up 90 /w IBR was valued at 7250 without the trailer, clearly I could not sell it for that.

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