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    Newbie Question

    Hi everyone,

    I just inherited a Polaris 1200 Virage Txi. It's got 75 hours on the clock. It looks pretty new. I'm in Australia so finding parts or someone to work on it will be absolutely impossible so I'm going to have to do it myself. I quite enjoy mucking around with it and it didn't cost me anything. However I'm an economist by trade and if the jet ski had anyway of knowing this it would be truly scared.

    I read through as much as I could find on the forum and started off by changing the fuel lines as they were the great tempo ones. I only changed out two sections between the 1st and 2nd injectors as when I removed it they looked totally fine. We don't have ethanol in the fuel in Australia so I guess this is why there OK.

    The ski was stored at a factory and probably hadn't been ridden for many years. It stopped working one day and was parked. At some point the factory manager, who fancies himself as mechanic but is probably worse than me, had a fiddle with it. When I took it he strongly suggested that I take the heads off and make sure it wasn't corroded. I wasn't going to and thought I'd just compression test it but then I though if there was something in there it would go up and down when I turned it over and could do damage so I decided to take the heads off and have a look inside. The water bar came off no problem, then the injector (I was very careful with the injector). I then started undoing the head bolts. The first 5 started to come off no problem but the last one was stuck fast. It start to come out with an awful lot of force, but as it came out it was coming out at an angle. This scared me so I tightened it all back up and put it back together.

    Today I thought I'd try and start it so I pulled out and cleaned all the spark plugs (the gap on one of them was bridged by oily goo). I connected the battery leads to some jumper leads from the car and turned it over. chug chug chug but no action. I tried this a few times but no success so I pulled the spark plugs out again and injected some fuel from a syringe into each cylinder. chug chug chug vrooom chug vroom. I repeated the process. chug chug VROOOOOM chug vroom VROOOOOOM. (It's sounding pretty awesome now!). I kept doing it until it got dark, each time it went better, smoke started coming out of exhaust, cylinders getting warm, so stuff is happening like it should but it will only go in bursts. Each burst is only 2 seconds. I let it rest a few minutes and it does it again. It's having a go now without the help of the syringe but I still can't get it to keep going.

    Any tips? I thought because the fuel in the syringe was fresh maybe there's something up with the fuel in the tank which is old, but it smells and looks fine?


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    I know nothing about this type of ski, but regardless you will have to bite the bullet and get some new petrol
    How long has it been sitting for?

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    Years probably, but at least 18 months. Does fuel go off that quickly?

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    A lot quicker than that mate. Fuel in carbies etc will go off within a month or two, lasts longer in a tank, but not 18 months. I know your ski is di, but still id flush it. Even if it did run, you'd be guarernteed detonation and probably piston damage

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    You likely have several issues, all of which must be addressed. Whatever the original problem was that caused it to be parked, that problem is still in there. A methodical approach to diagnostics is required to ensure you find and repair all possible problems.

    Once you get out on the water you need the machine to be 100% reliable. Being stranded far from shore is not fun and can even be dangerous.

    The gasoline is old, which is a problem. Not only should the old fuel be replaced, the fuel pump must come out. Sometimes old gasoline will turn to jelly in the bottom of the tank. Also, the Polaris Ficht fuel pumps have a known problem with the internal fuel pressure regulator falling off inside the pump body. There is a simple repair documented on Greenhulk that reinforces the regulator mounting. At the same time you can thoroughly drain and clean the interior of the tank and inspect the fuel pump filter. You want the inside of the fuel tank to be spotless.

    Next item is the large EMM engine computer module. It is common for these to need repair when they get old. There is a capacitor inside known as C89 that always gets replaced. There are other possible failures but the repair services know about them and should address all the problems while they have the EMM opened up. The EMM internally is entirely sealed in a gel material for waterproofing which makes repairs less DIY friendly.

    The head bolt coming out at an angle is not good. The cylinder head seals to the cylinder with two o-rings. Both are critical for keeping the water in the water jacket where it belongs and out of the combustion chamber. You may need to have a machine shop extract the bad bolt so you can replace it with a good replacement bolt. There is a specific torque specification for the cylinder head bolts.

    Mark the fuel injectors with the cylinder number they come from before you remove them. Each Ficht fuel injector is mapped to a specific cylinder. Ficht fuel injectors are completely different from automotive fuel injectors, with different diagnostics. Do not abuse the injector tips nor swap them around.

    There is more to discuss, but this should get you pointed in the right directions.

    What model year is this Virage TXi? Last two digits on the HIN number plate.

    Click on my signature links for a lot more useful information.

    Other areas that may need attention are the through-hull bearing/seals and the jet pump bearings and seals.

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