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    2013 yamaha vx deluxe brandnew old stock for $7200 is it a good buy?

    Is it a good buy?

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    The 2013 VX deluxe listed for $9500 msrp. The new style VX deluxe with nanocell hull is $10,000. This years new style V1 and the V1 sport, which are just the original style VX sport and VX deluxe, are listed at $7700 and $8500 and still have the fiberglass hull as the 2013. The 2013 would have the key fob for low power mode and lock out along with a stepped seat that the 2015 V1 sport won't have. Matching it up to the almost equal in a 2015 V1 sport, your still saving $1300. Not a bad deal, I think. Last month I picked up a 2013 VXR. A good bit off msrp like you're looking at and I'm just going to ride it until it is ready for the junk yard.

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    That's average retail according to NADA.
    If that's out-the-door it sounds good.
    If tax, tag, dealer prep, etc. are in addition I would walk.
    It's easy to find newer, low hour VX's on craigslist.

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