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    2001 gP1200 r no start no spark no nothing

    I just got done with my rebuild on the ski and can not get it to turn over.
    I can turn the pro manually so it's not locked up.
    I tested the starter relay and it clicks out of the cdi box and passes contunuity check with 12v applied. Does not click inside the cdi box when I push the start button.
    fuses are all good.

    I can't get it to do anything.
    Tried jumpering the relay but still nothing.
    Gauges don't come on either.
    Battery is fine and tested.

    What's next to test?

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    Check the cables to the actual junction box and your grounds. Have you tried the safety switch?

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    I looked at the safety switch last season and it looked good. I'll check it again in case something happened when the motor blew.

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    Have you checked the fuses?

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    Problem solved. Cleaned and the main ground contact points by sanding them. When I rebuilt the engine I painted the starter and block so the ground was not making good contact.
    Also cleaned the cable contacts as there was some mild oxidation. Starts right up now.

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