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    Start button

    Hey guys I have a 2007 Gtx 155 ever since I bought it in 2011 you hit the start button and its hit or miss with it cranking it up, (turning over), hit they button a couple of times it cranks over. This year out of storage Im getting a click, click when I hit the button try it several times and it'll finally crank, don't think its the battery have left it off the charger over a week and go out hit start button click, click, then fire right up. I cleaned the battery post and the one that runs from battery to a solenoid?? on the wall then it runs to the starter.( cleaned both of those wires), did not clean the starter wire(on the starter). Maybe the starter wire is corroded or is it another problem? Any ideas?

    Seems like before this season I would hit the start button and nothing no click hit it again or a third time it would fire right up, but Im hearing the click noise now. Last season most of the time it would fire up on first press but not always. thanks

    I am almost certain its a corroded starter connection!!
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    The starter solenoid is probably bad..They are about $45.00 for a new one...Replace it and see what happens....

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    +1 bad starter solenoid. Easy fix. Your local dealer will have them readily available

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    +2 for what they said, been there, done that!!

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    Thanks guys this is the info I was looking for, Ill change it!!

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    Most definently the starter solenoid one way I checked a couple years ago when mine went bad was to see if it was getting juice by connecting the two post with a screwdriver and see if it turned over.

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    I ordered one up off eBay. Oem seadoo $16 shipped brand new. Since my dealers an hour one way. Should fix it.

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    That is not OEM Sea-Doo!!!!!

    Our cost is more than that from BRP.......

    Hopefully it will last!!!!!

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    I buy solenoids by the DOZEN

    click-clikc-clikc-start is a sure sign of a compromised solenoid.

    Only use the newer style-full plastic and no rivits. Fits a couple of brands btw

    It's the difference between a great time at the lake, and a sad trip home cause you dragged your ski 300 miles for NOTHING.

    Did two today actually The old style allowed moisture to intrude and eventually the solenoid shaft hangs up.

    $16 solenoid should be fine, unless it sticks on after a while..and then its a zero bargain

    get an oem one and keep the cheapo for a sunday spare. it'll get you on the water for the day.

    I'ts a pretty painless install.

    I did mention only an somebody with a death wish works on a starter solenoid with the battery connected right?

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    Thanks guys. It says it's 100% oem seadoo in the description. I'll see soon.

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