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    Twin 717 challenger

    I hate to start another thread but trying to get all the information I can get. I been going over the oil lines trying to check all I can before installing the motor in my twin engine challenger. I have 2 oil lines coming off the bottom of the tank. One is larger and has a T in it and goes to each crank case.

    The other line is smaller and has a T and goes to each oil pump.

    Then out of the top of the tank it has another large line that has a T and goes to each crank case also.

    The other small line on the top of the oil tank is plugged off.

    What all should I check on the oil lines before hooking everything back up when the new motor gets here. Looks like each engine stripped the rotary gear, on the sbt engines.

    Gonna check clearance on the rotary valve cover when the new engine arrives.

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    All the oil lines are there and sound correct, There should be one way valves fitted on the lines that go to the bottom cases. Check their working correctly and fitted the right way if they've been removed.
    When you fit all the lines to the new motors, clamp them up tight and when you fill the tank with oil you'll see the oil start filling the oil lines. I moved all the lines around to help remove all the air locks/bubbles from them and with the lines from the top of the crankcase I loosened them off and sucked through them to draw the oil into the sumps and fill the rotary valve system.
    For the oil pump theres a bleed bolt on the pump itself which you can loosen and let the oil run through until theres no air at all left in the system. Theres also 3mm oil lines from the pump to the rotary cover which you can bleed manually by putting a drill on the back of the gear located on the rear of the oil pump. Anticlockwise and you'll see the oil lines fill up reasonably quick depending on the power drill you use.

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