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    Just bought a 2002 Polaris Genesis 1200 need Sponsons

    Hi all. I'm new to the PWC world and wanted a inexpensive toy for my family to cruise around the lakes and rivers in Northern Idaho. I picked up a 2002 Genesis 1200 and have checked it all out and it runs great which may surprise many of you. From what I hear these are not very sought after machines. If there are any maintenance items that should be done other than spark plugs, grease the driveshaft, I'm all ears on what to do to keep this thing running for a few more years.

    I really need a set of sponsons. I'll look in the classifieds but if any of you know of where a set would be off of a parted out genesis I'd appreciate a PM or link to a listing.



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    Welcome to GH.

    Northern Idaho lakes? Whereabouts? I'm at Newman Lake (nearly in Idaho).

    The Genesis is a nice ski. Not the performance king but no slouch either. Is yours carb'ed or direct injected? Recommendations will vary for each.

    I'd give your jet pump a good thorough once-over. Ensure the through-hull-carrier seals are good (no leaks in the water) and there is grease in there. Check the jet pump stator bearings and seals too. You want smooth bearings and no water in there either.

    This is a great link to start your learning:


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    Thanks ripcuda for the helpful response. It is a Carb model Genesis. I'll check it over as you suggested. Compression was 125psi across the board. I live down in Moscow so either the Clearwater/Snake rivers, Dworshak, or Lake Coeur D'Alene. I have a 2 yr old so I plan on using it to cruise the lake with my wife and daughter, pull a tube, and quick transportation to the lake cabin which is over by Harrison. I just saw the previous owner and it's had the ecu replaced, plug wires, plugs, bilge pump, in the last 2 years. He had it out several times last year and twice already this year with no issues at all so hopefully the reliability continues.

    Now I just need to find a part out genesis for the Sponsons. 2000-2004 genesis NON-I model seem to be compatible. Part number 5433441-070 and 5433442-070

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    I don't think the fact it runs great will surprise anyone. Polaris PWC's are pretty stout 2 stroke toys, and are pretty reliable so long as they are taken care of.

    EDIT- there is also a genesis being parted out in the classifieds. Check with TJDriver, he is the seller.

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