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Thread: 97 zxi 750 jets

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    97 zxi 750 jets

    Alright guys, I have just replaced the stock reeds in my 97 zxi 750 with boyesen power reeds. In all my reading on here it seems that a bit more power can be achieved with re-jetting the carbs. I run a pjs head and solas impeller. What size jets should I upgrade to? As the machine sits now it tops out at about 56 on the stock speedo (I know this is not an accurate reading but it's all I have to go on). Also what speed should this thing be topping out at?

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    You need to do a WOT plug chop and post up some pics of the plugs. The coloration alone should tell whether you need to re-jet.

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    I'll see if I can get a shot of them. I Just have to wait for a calm enough day where I can run WOT for long enough to get an accurate coloration.

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