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    2014 FX SHO Cruiser Mods

    Hi Folks,

    I've been bit my the modifying bug and want to keep going.

    I have a 2014 FX SHO Cruiser and so far have fitted..

    Riva rear exit exhaust,
    Riva Air Intake
    Riva Manifold Mod
    Riva Oil breather
    and today the Riva intake grate should arrive with the seal kit.

    I'm getting lots and lots of cavitation on take off, The ski literally sits there for 2-3 seconds bouncing off the limiter before taking off. Once going the speedo reads around 72 but and the revs are bouncing off the limiter. I'm only on 12hrs and I always run the high octane pump fuel with stabaliser.

    I checked out the prop and no damage but seem to have lots of wear in the ring, I can see a good visual gap around the prop. Then when I come to think about it, I get stuck in real shallow sandy water once a while back and tried to ride out of it, I'm guessing all that sand caused the wear.

    So now Im going to all out, new prop, super charger etc, 160mm pump, ECU etc. Id like to get over 300hp. Im not bothered about doing 100mph. I'm into holeshot and acceleration. As long as I can stay in the 70- 80mph I'll be happy. I want to accelerate the fast that the g/f will be hanging onto my life jacket with her legs waving in the air behind trying to hold on.

    This is where I need your advise from what mistakes you have made on your modding route.

    I'm going to pull the engine out in the winter and change some internals to run higher boost and more reliable so any mods that I do now I want to be able to provide that extra umph when the engine is upgraded.

    Ill buy all my parts from here so any part numbers will be much appreciated so I get the right parts.

    Thanks in advance.

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    After reading quite a bit last it seems the most noticeable performance increase was the ECU reflash. Not wanting to waste money on a reflash every time I add a part Ive decided that first purchase will be a ECU.

    Now the question is do I go Motec or Riva/Vi-pec ? Is the Vi-pec the same as Anthea ? Is there maps already available for the Motec like there is the Riva unit?

    I will also install the cooling upgrade and aftercooler at the same time. I see the really high boost/flow compressor wheels says that the Riva stage 2 intercooler does not provide enough flow. What unit does in that instance?

    I still need to get the new wear ring.. Which impeller/pitch would be appropriate in the 160mm variation ?

    My new Riva intake grate and seal kit arrived last night. I dont want to fit it with sikaflex then have to take it all apart to change the impeller. How hard is it to remove once its stuck on ?

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    2014 FX SHO Cruiser Mods

    No way you don't need to spend all that $$$

    R&D R3 reflash
    Skat prop
    Riva stg 2 cooling kit
    Lucky 13 cone for a bit better hookup
    Upgrade that stock intercooler to an aftermarket or a stock SVHO intercooler which is bolt on.

    You can upgrade your stock pump to the OEM svho pump setup which is an 8 vein pump with a 160mm liner and still save over the Riva pump which will hurt your performance. Your good with the above until you upgrade your supercharger wheel.

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    Yeah, unless you are the rich guy in the Sprint commercials and "money doesn't spend itself", there is no need to spend that kind of money to get to your goals... just my $.02

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    Thanks for the replies,

    Here's the way I was looking at it.. My liner is worn anyway so I need a new one. May as well go with the 160mm, Right ? The 160 liner wont fit on my 155mm pump. So may aswell get the 160mm pump and prop.

    I want to get the pump and ECU all ready and future proof it for futher mods. I would hate to stay with the 155 then find out later on that with the power I have I need a 160. May aswell buy it now. Plus with the Riva ecu I wont have to keep paying for reflashes every time I upgrade a part.

    After the above mods, then would come the intercooler and the new supercharger wheel. I just want to lay the foundations first, As in the winter time I would like to pull the engine for forged internals.

    If money were no object, what would you buy? Apart from a faster Jet ski in the first place

    Edited, I may have read wrong. Will the R&D 160mm liner fit on my standard SHO pump ?

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    The 160mm pump will slow u down. The 160mm liner with prop works with the 155mm pump. The svho also comes with 160mm prop and liner with 155mm pump.

    So versus spending $1500 and losing mph, buy the full svho setup or just replace your 155mm liner.

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    He will probably spend just as much going to an svho setup. He will need to buy a transom also to make the svho setup work on his ski. Which means he will need an svho Intake grate also. So if swapping to a 160 is what you want to do, just get a 160 liner and prop like I did. Oh and if setup right you will run basically just as fast as a 155mm.

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    Thanks for the advice folks.

    Heres the final list. I had the H! supercharger in there but after reading more, engine internals are deffently needed so I dropped down to the 15.5.

    Any more words of wisdom on these parts before I take the plunge tomorrow ?

    Any other supporting mods that I will need ?

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