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Thread: 2005 gti rfi

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    2005 gti rfi

    We're new to the jet ski world and looking at a 2005 GTI RFI as an entry level ski for the family. From an appearance perspective, the ski looks great and appears to have been well taken care of by the previous owner. I thought I would check with the experts on any pros and cons for this unit that I should be aware of. Also, it's sitting next to a 2010 VX Cruiser which just dwarfs it. The GTI has the same horsepower as the VX but looks to be considerably narrower and lighter. How is the GTI for stability and handling? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Id advise agents this model as a starter ski, unless you have a very good shop nearby. Dealers will no longer work on old two strokes. The ski isn't rated for a restricted venue, like lake meade and likely others joining the two stroke ban in years toi come as water supplies get even tighter.

    It requires above average experience and specialty tools to diagnose problems with it.

    The 110vx is a far better starter ski and just needs regular oil changes to stay on the water.

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    GTI RFI is a great ski with one of the best engines ever built. I have seen them go 500+ hours on the original engine when stored properly in the off season. The only problem with the RFIs is they can be hard on voltage regulators. I have a 99 with the original regulator so maybe Im just lucky. Its a very easy fix. This ski is not harder to repair than any other that has electronic controls.

    A very good starter ski if you want a 3 seater. The only issue I have is the high resale value they bring, you can often buy a 4 stroke for not much more money

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    Better hope it NEVER needs an ecu. Only used on the 2005 rfi. Impossible to find. don't ask me how I know. Im A seadoo guy and I love the 951di but I'd go with the vx here. I'd make sure it doesnt take on water though. Can't tell you how many of them need the drive shaft carrier housing replaced (its a salt water issue)

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