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    New to Kawasaki pwc

    Hello, my name is Seth I have had boats in my family for 17 years and I have owned a couple wake boats myself. I sold my axis last year just didn't use it enough to see paying for all the expenses payment, boat slip, and gas. I love the lake so I wanted a jet ski I could just pay cash for and jet ports at my local lake are a lot cheaper than a boat slip. Long story short I came across what I think was a good deal. I found a 2011 ultra 300x with 8 hours. The guy selling it got it from a IRS auction. He reduced his price from $9300 to 8 so I decided to check it out. The ski had some cosmetic damage where someone hit the dock, but ran great!. Do to body damage which none of it was on the hull I offered 7k and he toke it. Also came with a triton trailer. I toke it straight to a place near my house to get body work fixed which is costing me $600. I would just like to ask if with the cost of repairs did I get a good deal. Also I don't see many Kawasaki on the lake even tho there are a couple dealers in my area so are they a reliable ski? Also any immediate maintenance things I need to perform before I hit the lake. The guy showed receipt where he had oil changed a fuel flushed out since it set in impound for 4 years.

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    I would have the pump bearings checked. I would also make sure the fuel is 93 by pulling the fuel out and refueling it. And make sure the oil is not overfilled. Then there is a lot of reading in the Kawasaki Tech section in this forum. I would start there.

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    Thanks, how hard is it to check pump bearings? This is my first ski.

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    Jetdave56 just posted a whole thread on how to change the bearings..... search for his post and there are other threads on How To in the Kawasaki Tech Info section.

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