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    Southern Fried Sea-Doo “Spark Some Fun” Demo Tour Comes to Nashville

    To the locals – particularly the younger crowd – it’s known as “Nash Vegas.” With its nightlife, honky tonks and bars, there’s no shortage of nocturnal activities and libations to be had. But, when the midnight sun sets and daylight breaks up the night, Nashville sheds it Mr. Hyde shroud, revealing a more proper and unassuming Dr. Jekyll. Traffic flows steadily, business is conducted as per usual and none speak of the previous night’s good ol’ fashioned Southern debauchery. It’s a pretty cool town.

    Just a few miles east of the Nashville International Airport is Percy-Priest Lake, yet one of many man-made lakes throughout the Volunteer State. In its southernmost banks is Nashville Shores Resort, a multi-attraction affair with a full-blown waterpark, high-wire zip lines, log cabin-style bungalows, RV campgrounds and even a bank of WaveRunner rentals. But two weeks ago welcomed the combined forces of Sea-Doo’s traveling “Spark Some Fun Tour” (#sparksomefun) Demo Tour and America’s Motor Sports, the middle South’s biggest Sea-Doo dealer.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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