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    Seadoo Sportster 155hp 4-tec loss of power when turning left

    I have a 2005 Seadoo Sportster 155hp 4-Tec that I have on for two years with no problems. The boat is all stock with no modifications except for a stainless Solas concord impeller, which was installed on the boat when I received it. My boat usually runs around 7000 RPMs at full throttle. Today when I took the boat out I noticed that every time I turn the steering wheel even slightly to the left the boat acted as if I was at half throttle. As soon as I turn the steering wheel to the right the RPMs jump right back up. The impeller looks good and the wear ring looks good. I don't know where to start with diagnosing this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Check your pump first and the steering nozzle. Make sure there is no obstructions and it's mounted correctly.

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    Make sure that your reverse gate is locking in forward.Seen this happen a few times usually that is the cause.

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    This is partially normal. You can expect this to happen to some degree, but probably not as much as you describe. Is your engine low on compression?

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    Would a broken motor mount do this?

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