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    Just Purchased Polaris SL 1050.... what to look for?

    Hi, first time posting to the forum and I have a couple of questions about a recent purchase. I just purchased a polaris sl 1050 and am new to jetskis. I am a pretty big polaris guy when it comes to atv and snowmobiles so I would like to say I know a decent amount about what I'm doing, but I have never owned a jetski before. The sl 1050 I just bought is in pretty good condition and fires up every time no problem, but I have yet to bring it on the water. Supposidly it worked last year mint and now I want to know what exactly I should be looking for or what I have to do to make sure I don't blow it up or get stranded on the water this weekend when I bring it to the cabin. Are the 1050's reliable? Any common problems? What should i be checkAny input would be great.....thanks

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    Start by clicking here.

    The primary factor that makes these older watercraft (of any brand) reliable or not so reliable is the preventative maintenance and servicing. These things absolutely demand the entire fuel system be 100% up to par. Everything from fuel tank to engine, fuel hoses, filters, even the fuel shut-off valve must be air-tight. Carburetors must be clean internally, including the tiny internal filter.

    If it still has the original gray Tempo brand fuel hoses that is not a good sign.

    Overall the Polaris 'domestic' red 1050 engine is considered to be a good engine. Strong acceleration, fairly smooth for the power it has. I

    am not an expert on the Keihin carburetors but I think there are some differences across the model years. Some models benefit from having accelerator pumps, but rebuild kits for those accelerator pumps have become difficult to find. Rebuild kits for the carburetor are available. Only use genuine OEM carb kits.

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    Wow that one link was pretty helpful. Thanks for the response! So tomorow i will check the fuel lines and if they are tempo brand, what does it take to replace them? I know somewhat what I'm doing, but like I said I don't know anything about these jetskis

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    I would also remove the jet pump and inspect the bearings and seals there as well as the drive shaft seals.

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    Will those tempo brand fuel lines say tempo right on the side or how do I know? The lines coming from the tank are gray while the lines hooked up to the carbs are black and I don't see any markings. I was planning on replacing them all anyway but is it something I should for sure do before riding it this weekend?

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