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    I've read a lot of statements that past pwc's are waaaaay more fun than the current ones? That there too big...couches... I find it hard to believe as the new svho pushes 70 mph...isn't this exhilarating and more fun? Or does it get old and the older lighter jumping waverunners provide more of a thrill?? Curious

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    I bet the riders age would have some influence on that. Yes, I'm a couch potato !!!

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    I feel everyone always has fond memories of older designs (cars, boats etc) pwcs are no different.

    I ride a kawi stand up and while its fun and old school, i have grown to love passing bass boats at 60+ on the FX..

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    Both are fun in their own ways. If you ride small lakes, the small skis are more fun. Going around in circles fast gets boring really fast. The big skis are better in big water if you want to go anywhere. The small skis are fun on big water if your only goal is to bash around. If you are trying to actually go somewhere, it can be a brutal ride. It all depends on what it is you like to do on the water. Do you like to just cruise and see the sights, or are you going to pushing your machine to its limits to have fun.

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