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    I'm REALLY sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldnt find a definitive answer. '03 GTX with a code of P0520 with CEL. It doesnt put it in limp-mode. I know its supposed to be for an oil sensor, but which one? I have checked oil level and its right in the middle. Dealer says bring it in, but honestly I'm sorta tired of giving em my business and dont want to wait forever...

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    your best bet is replacing both oil sensors... they are cheap enough and they are known to fail alot on those machines.... might as well do them both so next week you dont get it again and have to replace the other anyways.

    you know where they both are, or no?

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    I know one is located towards the rear on the rt bottom side. Where is the other? I did have one replaced at the dealership once, but at that time I didnt know how to check codes so I dont know what code and I didnt ask which one. I was just happy to have it back..

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    one is located at the front of the motor... near where your battery is on that ski... the sensor is in the motor and the plug makes like a 90 degree turn off the sensor... that's one of them.

    the other is located in between the throttle body and oil filter canister.. you'll see a plug with real thin wires attached to it... just small straight one... that's the other...

    replace them both, they are cheap enough and it's easy enough to do.... that one rear sensor near the oil filter can be a pain in the arse the first few times you do them, but u'll get it done... pop off the throttle body if that makes it easier for you... last resort is loosen the whole intake manifold and tilt it back away from the motor so you can access it easier.

    let me know if you need any help when you get around to doing it... PM me or something if u run into problems

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    Thanks. Just found em both. SD dealer says 28 bucks a piece so I'll do both..

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