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    WA or N OR Yamaha NanoXcel (SMC) professional repair shop?

    Hi fellow shredders! I have been reading this forum for years, but this is my first post... I live on Long Lake in Port Orchard, WA and have a '12 Yamaha VXR which I bought new from a local (Bremerton, WA) shop.

    Has anyone here had a NanoXcel SMC hull successfully repaired by a professional shop anywhere N of Salem, OR, or S of Everett, WA?

    Due to an air bubble that shipped with my ski, which happened to line up with some rollers on the roll 'n go beaching system I once used, I have had to have 4 attempts, by 3 different shops attempt to repair my ski, all of which have ended in epic fail. In season, my ski spent more time in the shop than not. I was instructed not to use the roll 'n go anymore after the second attempt, so my ski has been either floating in the lake or on the trailer. The patch seems to be finally holding, although the paint is once again completely gone from the majority of the hull (1.5' x 5") in the area surrounding what was "repaired". The shop I bought my ski from will no longer return my emails or calls, and when I talked to Rich at Yamaha, I received the worst customer service experience of my 45 year life. I gave up on that, thinking I would drive it down to my brother's house in Southern Oregon and he could help me repaint it someday, on my own dime. My state's lemon law applies to computers, but not PWCs, so I am pretty much screwed, other than perhaps getting or other consumer activist's involved. However, I highly doubt the local news is going to think a guy with a PWC issue is going to melt the hearts of their viewers.

    The other day, a family member struck the dock in a different area and put a 2"x.5" hole in the side of my ski. I am familiar with repair process outlined here by CaptainReza and many others, but don't have any sort of shop or garage where I feel like I could do a reasonable job of repairing/repainting it, so I have filed a claim with my insurance for the new damage. The insurance person seems very helpful, but it's clear his goal is to steer me towards shops they "like to work with", and all of the ones he has recommended seem very similar to the guys I have dealt with before who have repaired hundreds of boats and SeaDoos, so are "obvious pros", and wont be bothered to learn that dealing with SMC is different than fiberglass/gel coat.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Had my fzr repaired locally here in Vancouver canada with no issues. if your desperate I'll try and get a hold of him.

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    I would have to get an E-ID or passport to get back into Canada since the new restrictions, which would take me at least 6 weeks. I really miss the old days when I could pop across the border for some apple beer, great fishing, and poutine.

    Thank you so much for your response.

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    Sorry to hear, I'll poke around to see what I can find to help you out.

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    Thanks again Doug78! I sent an email to Wescraft RV & Truck (the place the insurance guy recommended) to ensure they have worked with 08+ Yamaha Hulls before, so if Monday rolls around without me finding out a good place, and they can convince me that they can work with SMC, I guess I will go there...

    Are there many Washington/N Oregon riders on this forum? Seems like somebody would have had some insurance work done...

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    There's one more regular user that's near you and a couple that have just popped by to say hi. Check out the regional forum, sure you can find people there.

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