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    1999 Kawasaki STX900

    My buddy has a 1999 kawa stx 900 and when he bought it a few weeks ago I visually saw it spitting water out of the side ejection port like it should. He has not put them in the water except on this past Sunday. Once in the water he said he never saw any water spit out of there. However he says he never got any warning lights or any alarms. And also when he opened the seat and felt the engine it felt normal not hot. my question is why would it spit water on a hose hooked up and not spit when it was sitting in the water ready to ride? any ideas guys?

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    The reason why is when your running on the hose the water is comming out at a greater pressure than when you in the water. When i had my 99 ultra 150 the right side pisser wouls stream out more on the hose than in the water.

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    yep, it is a controled valve

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