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    ??? What is a TPS test

    Could someone explain what the tps test is, or the tps wiggle test is. Thank You

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    The TPS or Throttle Position Sensor lets the computer know what position the throttle plate is in.
    They ofetn fail, so while hooked up to the lap top you can wriggle the wires and see if the reading fluctuates and/or goes crazy. If it does, it needs to be replaced. The lap top will also tell you if the TPS sees the plate at WOT or 100% when fully accelerated with the accelerator lever. If not the TPS can be adjusted to see as close to 100% as possible. Not seeing or being close to that 100% leaves speed on the table, nobody likes that. LOL

    What problem are you having??

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    A picture and location of the TPS. Number 19 in the attached photo.
    This sun of a gun causes hard, non starts, RPM cut out, all kinds of problems, you should keep one as a spare.
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