I posted at another site with no response, so I try over here.
Has anyone used R&D power valves on an XL800? I purchased some from RIVA, PN 332-12002 for my XL800 and I have a few issues with them.
The R & D kit had replacement screws for the valve guide, which I realized after installing, they do not capture the valve guide. The fastener head has a smaller diameter than OEM screws, which have a large shoulder. As a result, the screw head does not capture the upper surface of the valve guide (bushing) and just drives past. I noticed this as I was driving it in with the torque wrench and the wrench didn't "click". I felt a constant resistance to my wrenching, but wouldn't preload. Thinking I had stripped the threads, I took a peek and saw that the screw head had driven past the upper valve guide surface.
So I backed it out and used the factory fasteners. After torquing these down, the the second issue became apparent. The valve guide is either to long, or the OD is too small. As a result, when I torque this screw to the factory spec, the valve guide is bound at some angle that prevents the PV from moving smoothly (it binds against the power valve shaft). If I back off of the screw, it moves freely.
Anyone else run into this?
Thanks for any opinions or comments.