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    Supercharger Removal Question

    My computer won't open the file on the How To's, so could someone just give me the rundown on how to take the supercharger off and get it out of my ski. It's an 04 RXP. I need to have the clutch replaced. Also, would you put the metal washers in yourself or send it to Jerry and let the pro do it?

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    i personally bought all the supercharger tools becuase i am very mechanically inclined, if you are worried send it to jerry.

    you will need e-torx bits for the bottom two bolts and a 12 point 1/4 box end wrench for the top bolt....look for the ones that screw into the back half of the housing down low into the block...the upper one is easy to see.

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    -take seat support off
    -take air intake hoses, before and after SC'er off
    -take clamp off j-pipe/exhaust manifold (this is sometimes a little frozen together with loctite, so a little tapping with hammer may be needed after you unscrew it to get it to release)
    -remove one, or both hoses going from j-pipe to manifold
    -remove strap holding waterbox down
    -slide back exhaust
    -take off mounting bolts on SC'er (two on face of SC'er one on rear of SC'er)
    -pull SC'er out

    i think thats just about it

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    Thanks alot. Doesn't sound too hard. I'm not afraid of doing the work myself, just know that the dealers can't seem to get it right and Jerry has a good rap. I think I'm gonna try it myself.

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    ONLY remove the bottom ban clamp on the water box.... Leave the J pipe ban clamp on!

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    I Dont Take The Strap Of The Waterbox....just Remove The J Pipe Clamp And Small Hose And Scoot The Waterbox Back With The Strap Still In Place

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    If you do take the waterbox clamp off, you will see that it is hard to get it back on easily.

    Take a flathead screwdriver, and cut a notch in the middle of the tip with your bench grinder. Get a decent sized notch in it.

    Then you can take the metal "Clip" that is on the end of the strap, and put it in the notch and then reattach it on the hull clip..........

    Makes it real easy

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