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    Cool new ratchet

    I read about a new ratchet wrench by Stanley, called the 'Rotator'.
    The Rotator has a rotating handle that turns the socket when you twist it. This is nothing new. However, if you have the selector set to turn the socket clockwise, it will turn it clockwise REGARDLESS of which way you twist the handle. No wasted motion! Great for working in tight places!
    I end up buying it at Wal-mart for $25.
    I also see the Home Depot also sells the exact same thing but it is the Husky brand for $30.

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    How can you even crank it hard if you are only twisting the handle?

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    I have the husky brand, its pretty coarse compared to the new craftsman but unlike that junk it hasnt broken yet. Which reminds me I gotta take that thing back....

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    You can still crank it like a normal ratchet also.
    I think husky is just as good as craftsman for a lower price. Same lifetime warranty on the hand tools. I been a mechanic for over 10 years. I have been buying husky tools replacing craftsman and even snap on tools recenty. I even get a 50% discount on snap on tools and husky is still cheaper in price. I like husky's professional series screw drivers. The grips feel better than any other brand when you use your tools everyday for a living. The power and air tools are not as good as the other brands.

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