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Thread: Engine Blow

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    Engine Blow

    I broke down on my Jet Ski and had to get towed by Sea Tow earlier this week. Found out yesterday the engine is shot and will need to be rebuilt. This one was a 2001 Yamaha SUV 1200, the engine was rebuilt five years ago and made it 1200 hours this time. Everything looked well lubricated, I premix all my gas, but the piston was broke up and a hole put in lower end. It is back at Screaming Motorsports in Westpoint Va. and if all goes well it will be done in about ten days.
    I took another one of my skis out for the last two days of Tautog Season. Caught about 37 Togs in two half day Trips.
    See you out there drumming next! Here are some pictures I took the last couple of days.

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    Hey Brian, I could only wish to get those kinds of hours out of my Yammy. Nice to have back up ski & continue the fishing season. Ozark

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    That's an impressive amount of hours!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetskibrian View Post
    ... 2001 Yamaha SUV 1200, the engine was rebuilt five years ago and made it 1200 hours ...
    1200 hours in five years. Quite impressive, 240 hours per year.

    How much oil would you have you used in those 1200 hours? I am curious as to how the aggregate cost of oil consumed compares to the engine rebuild cost.

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