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    BLaster Help

    I have never owed a 2 stroke i have a 96 waveblaster II whats the correct procedure to start it and if i have already ran water through the ski without starting it did i screw it up ?

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    There is nothing different between the other yamaha 2 strokes and the WBII as far as starting up. This is assumeing that you have not modified the craft.

    Make sure that you have fuel in it of course and put the choke on. When you crank the engine, the extra vacume helps to draw the fuel into the carbs. If the boat will not start immediately, you can continue to crank for a few seconds. If it still won't start, then put about 3cc's or a teaspoon of premixed gasoline into the cylinders by going through the spark plug holes, put the plugs back in and start. Once the boat is started, shut the choke off.

    It really is not a good idea to put the water into the engine before starting the engine. A good rule of thumb is to start the water after the engine is on and before it is off. It will not hurt you to start the engine then let it run for a few seconds, then add water. Just don't make it a habit of running with out water.

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    >Never even owned a 2 stroke. I think i accidently flooded it thats why i could not get it started, gonna charge the battery and start her tommoro.

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    If you flooded it with water you can't let it sit in there even for a day. it sounds like you let it run on the hose for more than a few seconds without it running. You need to pull a battery out of one of your other skis and put it in the blaster. You need to get the water out ASAP. Take the plugs out and ground the boots. Turn the ski on it's side and hold the start button down to turn it over. Try to get as much water out as possible this way. Hold the start button down for 5 to 10 seconds each and give it a 30 second break in between. Put a new set of plugs in and try cranking it over. Keep repeating the process until it starts.

    Once it starts, you need to let it run for a while. Ideally you should take it out and ride it so the engine can heat up and burn off the extra water in the engine. If you can't ride it, then turn on the hose AFTER it's running. Let it run on the hose for a while. The longer the better. Just have the hose on low too. After you let it run for a while, turn the hose off FIRST and then blip the throttle to get the extra water out of the exhaust system.

    I would then fog the carbs and cylinders if you don't plan on riding it sometime soon.

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    Actually.. when you said you can't get it started, did it turn over? The above is mostly if you have a decent amount of water in the engine. How long did you let the water run for without the engine on?

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    never run the water whit the engine of you flood the engine and if you try to star the engine you may hidro look the engine and bend the crank
    remove the spark plugs and crank the engine see if water came out i will recomend to take the ski to a person with expiriens on these isue other ways you will pay the price you ned to do these soon by soon i mean day before yesterday

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    i wouldn't take it to someone to have them do it. chances are they'll let it sit in the shop until they can get to it anyway. it's very easy to do and should be done right away.

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    i see you from long island contac rian hi work on the yamaha dealer arround hi know how to do these dont thake a chance
    i ges his e mail is

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    if he didn't do anything by now, he already screwed up his engine unless the engine is completely filled. then he might have a chance.

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