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    some more observations from my ride today

    ok well I wasnt able to find any twin engine boats to race but oh well I had fun anyways, however, and this concerns me for future longevity, 2 of the seats have pulled out of the inserts designed to hold them in ( the bottom cushions) under what I would consider conditions the boat is designed to be in. The little white plastic "darts" pulled smooth out of the cushions and stayed in the boat, and even if I put them back it seems like its very easy to pull out again, anyone else experienced this and have a solution? I am thinking to just glue them into the cushion somehow but I suspect that wont be much better.

    In addition to that 2 of the grab handles came loose and had I not told the passengers NOT to hang on to them would have ripped right out of the hull, I was able to tighten those back easily enough, but is this something that is going to continue to be a problem?

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    Second ride out middle grab handle came loose and the two outer seats came loose, must be a common thing. Have not figured out how to repair yet.

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    same exactly as mine, hmm interesting, it must be a common problem. I wonder if we can remove the grab handle bolts and use loctite, they dont really seem to get that tight when you tighten them which bothers me, and I know I didnt strip anything. I am going to try to find some kind of glue to help keep the "darts" attached to the seats, unless I can find another type of automotive "dart" that will fit better.

    I would like to just take it to the dealer to let them fix it but the dealer isnt close by and this seems like something I can fix myself, possibly better than a dealer solution anyways.

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    I've had a seat come loose (back rest). Also had to replace two grab handles as well. The handles are designed to break under a certain load, they're plastic at the base. It's better for them to break than mess up the hull.

    Oh, if the darts came out from the back rest you may need to get some new ones. Mine came out just as you indicated and the flat part that twists to the back rest had broke and or bent giving up any hold it had.

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    You will need to replace the darts. I would go for the lock tight on the grab
    handle screws.
    On my LE, no real fit problems. They built this hull for 10 years or so, so maybe they got it down. Engine bay needed to be cleaned up a bit. Chaff
    protection and tie wraps, and an hour of time made a huge difference. Unlike
    the skis, boats require working upside down........not fun. Couple of different
    size mirrors have come in handy. Have not had any issues with the seats.
    As far as finding a twin 14.5 to run, with gas prices, you may have a hard
    time finding someone willing to go!

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    I am testing some extra strength glue on the darts to see how that works out, confidence is high in this glue since it held trim on my jetski, and is currently holding my headlight together in my car. Seeing how the darts are made doesnt lead me to believe new originals are going to last very long anyways. I will pull the grab handle bolts and put loctite on them, I guess that should help that problem.

    And yes with the price of gas I can imagine not alot of people are wanting to haul arse on the lake, but it doesnt stop me! I did notice that I actually seem to get about the same gas mileage as my jetski when I am cruising at 5500 rpms which is nice, I was afraid this thing was gonna be a gas hog, but so far it hasnt been that bad. Of course full throttle across the lake all day probably sucks gas like crazy but then it would do that on any watercraft im sure.

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