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    1994 Polaris 750 Help ASAP

    I have a Polaris 750 1994 30 hours, bought three days ago. Rode fine. Then in the middle of the day, will not go. Will start, throttle up. will not go forward. Can I get someone to help. I can work on it, don't know where to start. propeller does not move now, did asap. Hope this is an easy fix? Wanted kids to have a spring break ride

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    If you're sure that the impeller is not turning with the engine, then it sounds like a broken or stripped driveshaft, or, stripped coupler.


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    how difficult to fix ? what is the best and cheapest way to fix? Is there a manual i can get free?

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    Not diffcult to fix. You need to take the pump off to see wich one it is.

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    take it off

    how do I take it there a manual

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    shore, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums, how'd you fare??

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