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Thread: Towables???

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    Is my "new to me" sporster really capable of towing wakeboarders, skiers and tubers from the pop up pylon. I have to admit the setup looks really cheap and breakable if much weight is applied.

    If yes, do you still think the pylon is strong enough for a 3-person tube?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I tow a three person "Megawing" (about as big as the boat ). No problems powerwise, and as far as the built-in pylon, I've heard of them bending before, so I try not to stick mine up all the way when towing super-heavy; I feel like that has prevented mine from getting bent. Next time I place an order from Overtons, I plan on getting a "bungie" tow rope. I feel like that would not only be more fun, but also easier on the boat & towable.

    So for towing heavy, yes, you could bend it with the right force with it sticking up all the way, but I don't see how one skier or wakeboarder could harm it at all.

    Oh, and I'll mention this: The first time I was towing, I thought the boat was backfiring every once in a while, because I'd hear a loud BOOM right behind me. Thankfully, it turned out to be just the tow rope slapping the padded top of the engine compartment.

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    Hi Bobcajun----I have on 05 Sportster SCIC and I have no problems towing 3 people on tubes, skiers, and wake boarders. As for the tow bar, going into my 3rd summer and no issues.

    Lastly, I had an 03 Sportster LE (2 stroke 130 HP) and that boat had no issues with tubers, or skiers either.

    Have fun with your "new to you boat"!!!

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    You should be O.K., tow away! I have heard of the pylon bending under abuse, but not just using it normally.

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    which basically means its going to bend for me, but will likely be my friends fault and I will have to bash some heads.

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    I bent the pylon on mine by towing 3 separate tubes, but the replacement was only $20 and it was very easy to replace.

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    old thread revisited, but i have towed alot of stuff on the pylon including a stranded boat (22' long ) and it hasnt given me any troubles. I was certain pulling that boat was gonna just rip the thing right out of the hull in the stupid chop our lake has but I kept it at barely above idle and it was ok.

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