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    Ultra 150 stinger mod

    Can I get someone to post a couple pics of where it's tapped into the exhaust and where I need to get my water supply from? I don't know enough about 2 strokes to know where to start.

    I did find these two pictures in on the ultra site but that just gets me in the general area.. if my understanding of how the exaust on a 2stroke works.. I need to be in a certain spot.

    It looks like the part where I will tap is very thin. It shouldn't be too big of a problem to build it up enough.

    When I do tap the exaust, is it just a hose bard that I need to tap for or is there some kind of a water jet?

    I've tried on two seperate occasions to deal with skiworx but haven't had any luck. He does his bussiness over the phone and my job prevents me from calling during his hours. After a couple emails the first time he called me to confirm and I never heard from him again. Now.. a year later.. a second chance .. After requesting a quote through email, I haven't recieved a responce. So.. other than the few services GroupK offers, I'm on my own. *gulp*
    Any help would be appriciated..


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    Well.. upon more looking (at my ski this time) the pipe I'm going to have to tap is a new piece i'm going to have to weld.... hrm.. I don't know if I can weld something that thin or not, my wire welder is broken and I'm good at melting things with the stick welder. lol

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    We tried.

    Brandon, we sent you a few replies do you have a spam filter? I sent another today.. Just to let you know our stinger mod also uses a specific size fitting and we also do not just tap the side of the stinger because the side thickness was not enough and the fitting could just break off, we weld a bung onto the stinger.. If you have any questions or did not receive our email today send me an email to

    Thanks, Steve
    Skiworx Watercraft Performance

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