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    Unwanted attention from LE because of cooler rack?

    I am thinking about purchasing a 2015 VXR and installing a cooler rack with rod holders, my question is, has anyone been harassed by LE because of a cooler installed on their ski? I really dont want to be stopped constantly just because I have a cooler onboard. I realize every area is different, but I will be mostly in TN and FL.

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    I am located in Virginia. I often see skis rigged for fishing. I have not noticed them getting any special attention. I didn't talk to any of the owners so I don't have first hand knowledge but my guess is that if it looks properly secured you might be fine.

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    I was more worried about being stopped for potential BUI investigation, over and over again. When we trail ride SxS and ATVs in AR and MS we have been subject to the "cooler" police more than a few times. I know PWCs get a bad rap. Had a Skeeter 17ft Bass Boat 15yrs ago, and we were never bothered, but I remember the skis getting stopped alot. Just curious.

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    In my area skis get stopped just going in and out of the marina for safety checks. I think you'll be fine unless you are actually planning to ride while you're intoxicated.

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    I see quite a few coolers on the back of skis (and gas can racks) and I have used one myself a couple of times.

    I'd expect that there is a greater chance of getting safety checked with a cooler than without, how much greater I couldn't say for sure. If you plan on having a beer or two I wouldn't recommend advertising with a cooler I'm not against having a beer on the water but i'm totally against having a few... just asking for trouble.

    One of the FWC guys used to ride our river with a fake case of Budweiser on the back of his ski, undercover, but we quickly passed the word that he was the poo poo. I remember that budweiser guy being at one of our ski fest's as well, those sneaky actions are one of the primary reasons the ski fest (ski bash now?) moved from Estero to Tampa because the cops were really hassling us.

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