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    Question Fuel Burn

    Not to be a kill joy, but has anyone tracked the fuel consumption of thier
    boats? GPH, mpg, ? I am curious how the 4-tech boats compare to the
    Rotax and Mercury powered boats they replace. That and what is the
    gph of that highly modded twin 4-tech screamer? Do you need to fill up after
    a 70+mph run?

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    On my 04 GTX I was getting 4+ miles per gallon, 60 miles on one tank was the best I could do. My 07 RXT is getting 5+ mpg but still breaking in.

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    I can't go by MPG, because I just get out on my lake and do circles, 360s, etc., but says my boat burns 17-18 gallons an hour at full throttle, and that does seem accurate to me. It's a real pita with only a 21 gallon tank. Gas consumption hurts. I really wish it had a little 2-3 gallon reserve tank so the thought of running out of gas somewhere in the ocean didn't cross my mind so much. It says the boat only burns 6 gallons an hour at cruise (30mph), but I've never gone that slow long enough to gauge that.

    No, Paulie, gas mileage is not a reason to upgrade to the newer Rotax's. I don't see how the guys with the twin engine S200s do it.

    '07 Speedster 150 SCIC

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    3.5 mpg consistantly, wot approx 90% the remainder at 3500 rpm in no wake zones. In direct comparisons over the same routes in similar conditions the 4tec is definitely consuming less than my previous 951 carb equipped Sportster.

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    My current Doo, 2005 LE DI is a fuel sipper. I have no hard numbers, but
    practical experience on the lake is that I fuel up only every couple of days.
    With the twin 14.5, 17-18 gal an hour at full tilt, fueling every day. Mercs were closer to 20 gal hr, fueling couple of times a day. Never owned an
    Optimax Merc, sapposed to be way better.
    Either high fuel prices or I am just getting old, but my full throttle ways
    have declined over the years. I still like to turn and burn on calm evenings,
    but for the most part I find myself tooling along between 4-5000 rpm. Which
    turns out to be pretty easy on the fuel burn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VX1 View Post
    I don't see how the guys with the twin engine S200s do it.
    They do tend to get a bit thirsty. According to my SCIC S200 drinks about 11.7gph at 30mph at 5000rpms. Now WOT she does 35.2gph at 60mph at 7800rpm. Needless to say I don't spend much time at WOT. A day on the water will pretty much use up the 40 gallon tank at at $3+ a gallon it hurts.


    2006 Sea Doo Speedster 200 SCIC 430hp

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    I mentioned it in another thread but I will elaborate on it here, the fuel usage of my '07 speedster scic has been quite good with mixed driving, I would say I drive it slightly more conservatively than my jetski and fuel usage/cost seems similar compared to oil/fuel cost on my jetski (was a 2 stroke 951 carbed model). I usually use about $25-40 per day that I use the boat(depending on how long I am out) which is only slightly more than the ski cost me. This has been with passengers on board the majority of the time, which certainly has to use more than if I were alone.

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