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    can one of you fellars help me out???

    Well i am finally in the home stretch after a ton of work and maybe two tons of cash my ski is all done except for the decals. Can one of you guys that has a 99 slx 1050 two seat takes some pics of all the decals so i know what goes where and what type of decals i need to make. If i would have been smart i would have taken them before i tore them all off to paint it but you know how that goes thanks fellas mudd

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    thanks Z i dont know why i didnt think of doing that another brain fart i guess. i would just order the decal kit if i could picked the colors, i went from the funky faded yellow to a bass boat type flake blue and silver

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    Ebay has a few of these up for auction right now so you could go look at the pictures they've posted and copy them to your computer for reference.

    There was one more but it must of ended.

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    if you go to google you can search images only to see some more! how did the paint turn out? Z

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    one other question any body make a cool looking gas cap for polaris jet skis? thats the other thing that i need to take care of cosmetically

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    oh man i cant brag enough about the guy that did my paint!! i put a hyrdo turf seat cover on it and we tried to match the paint to it. we spent about an hour and half trying to stick paint chips to the seat. We finally found one paint the stuff in the booth stuck it on and it was no where near the seat cover, but i like the color so much that instead of trying again we kept it, and i think i can use my buddy who does decals to kinda blend everything together hence needed a referance for the stickers. as soon as shes all put together i will post it on here

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    MUDD: If you want a cool lookin gas cap, change the polaris filler neck to a yamaha filler neck or a kawasaki filler neck. I did that on my slt750, the filler neck was 12 bucks an the cap was 50 from, btw the cap is aluminum an looks dope!

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    You can also update to the Polaris PRO785 filler neck and get an aftermarket cap from Blowsion or e-bay, etc.

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