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    Trying to decided

    Hey two strokes family, Im trying to decided if a gp 1200 or if I can find them 1300 R over sea doo Sparks. As of right now I like that they are fiberglass and most important Yamaha. Try to buy a run around/beat ski for me and my family. so I don't run hours on my new fzr. If you guys can give me pointers on these skis and problems. As of right now all I know is to switch to a premixed gas.

    Thanks Alex

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    This answer was copied and pasted from a previous post.

    Being that you're new to the site, I need to ask...are you new to personal watercraft? If so, what are the asking prices of both skis? Hate to see you pay a high price when you could've gotten a newer and better ski for the money. 2003 and up are 1300's and are fuel injected. These are huge bonuses in my book and worth paying a little more for. The 2003 and 2004 have their own issues that need to be inspected. (03 and a few 04's had pump shoe issues and both have power valves) The pump shoe pull down is a bigger issue. It needed to be addressed before it pulled down or it needed to be repaired properly. Reinforcement brackets needed to be installed. (at least) If its been repaired already, make sure the shoe is recessed in the hull slightly (about a nickels thickness) or it was not fixed correctly and is hanging down. A hanging shoe will cause a loss of top speed and premature pump overstuff (aka pump stuff) which is NO GOOD! (unless you like hurling through the air at speed with no ski under you!) Power valve skis are a bit snappier but need wave eater clips and aftermarket couplers to really be worth it. When looking keep that in mind because you'll want that done. The power valve servo motors fail every now and then making the power sluggish. You can get used replacements for about 135 bucks or less. 2005 and up have no power valves that need upkeep, are fuel injected with 1300 engines, and also come with desirable pump shoe brackets and a high output pump. The last 2 items are usually upgraded on earlier skis. Unless your doing the work yourself and the earlier skis are much cheaper, its better to pay up for the 2005 or later. Keep us posted on your choice and welcome to Greenhulk!<br/>

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    I'd go for the Spark with a warranty. I was skeptical at first, but people seem to really like them.

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