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    pump tunnel 2007 gp1300r

    Hello everyone what a great forum. Can i please ask all you experts on the 2006/7 gp1300r. I want to do the pump tunnel strengthing, and have no idea what you call them but the brackets the pump shoe bolts to next to the tunnnel. on the 2006/7 can i just remove the brackets somehow and after i finnish with the carbon put the same ones back on or is this not a good idea.

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    Yes, remove the brackets first with heat and prying. I could not get the green stuff off to reuse them. $8.50 each:

    Look at the sticky post above.

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    I used a heat gun and the green goop came off pretty easy.
    No damage to the mounts at all, so you may be lucky like I was and re-use the stock mounts.

    Good Luck

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