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    This should probably be a sticky.

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    Nice DIY work! I thought I would give you guys an update on our Polaris diagnostic system. We are going to be launching support for Polaris snowmobiles, ATV's, and Slingshot as the basis for our offering, and will be throwing in the legacy PWC support as well. It will be out later this Spring.

    If all you are trying to do is reprogram the old DI injectors, it probably wouldn't be worth your while to buy our system. (although we certainly would appreciate the business!) As I posted awhile back, this capability is more targeted for small shops that work on Polaris stuff, because the DIY guys like yourself have become pretty resourceful in keeping the old stuff running! As you guys know, Ficht is Ficht whether it is Kawi or Polaris, and we have been able to do this reprogramming for several years by scanning the barcodes and entering the values into a screen in our program. We still haven't found one scanner that will work with all barcodes, I have two different ones for each barcode type.

    While it has been awhile since any of our present customers have asked for programming injector coefficients on the old Ficht stuff, we are setting up the capability to do it on ETEC outboards and Ski Doo snowmobiles with the ETEC engines. Same principles are this work, but a helluva lot more complex.

    Anyway, nice work, and I will jump back on here when we announce our Polaris support for anyone that might be interested.

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    Good news! Will this include support for the Weber based 4 stroke machines as well (especially watercraft!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiPeRcO View Post
    Good news! Will this include support for the Weber based 4 stroke machines as well (especially watercraft!)
    Yes. It will include both the Ficht Di and the MSX capability. And basically everything else the Digital Wrench system currently supports.

    We likely will separate Slingshot out of the mix, will be a Slingshot offering and a separate Snowmobile, ATV, and PWC combined offering. Totally different markets.

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