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    GPRXP's go head up!

    Both have much more speed left in 'em & that takes time to get to.
    These were "Mock" runs so to speak.
    I had a good time! I Rode the Piss out of the Dupont GSX,7580-7600 rpm @ 59.8 & EGT's were 1325 degrees at times & it still didn't blow up.
    Joe let me ride Schit-fer-hire...err, I mean, spitfire....NICE! Nothin' but power! His ski feels tight on from all through he powerband, like it's just waiting for a bigger pump to unleash it's true power! Really! Thank you!
    I got to meet some new people, Bob (i think that was his name) Thanx for letting me try out your 785 pro! A fast,wet ride it was!
    I finally got to ride Hydro's ultra250 too! Impressive for a barge! I pulled a 67.7 on I believe a full tank? Thanx mark!

    My 13 yr old son got learnt how to ride jetski's solo, no more 2 up, well in AZ. anyway. He "IS" his father's son! After learning on the RXP with the 35mph key he wanted to use the yellow key, Uhh, NO! You ride the GSX...After a few rides getting used to the different feel in ski's, He wanted the GPS...I was like, Uh-OH.. He was getting 55mph & it only goes 59.8 & he wanted more. I wasn't about to tell him about the trim & to sit back farther.

    Here's the link for the GPRXP clips.
    Go to "senators Wash 4_13_07" folder
    Right click "save as" the files, they will D/L faster

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    IEGPR made it out there too! Good to see you again. He stepped his sponsons at the beach & it made a 100% difference!

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    Awesome! Great vids.

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    That was probably the best day we've had out there. Great weather and good friends!!!

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