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    Part 2 of custom paint

    Today was a strange one weather wise, it seemed that every time I picked up my HVLP, it started to sprinkle.
    So I decided to put together a half fast/makeshift paint booth with help from the van. Sure enough it never sprinkled after that.

    I have posted images of the base coat and the top coat of this candy apple process, and it is incredibly easy to do on your own.
    Again using PPG paint products, the base is titled Shamrock Green and is a DBC paint #45884 (metallic). The top coat is DBC #45885 and is a tinted clear. Both are from the Radiance catalog and can be mixed by a PPG dealer near you.

    How to:
    If you are ever going to attempt doing a paint job on your own, follow the directions that come with the products.
    Try and use an HVLP gun (high volume, low pressure). I tend to blow the paint between 35 and 55 psi depending on the circumstances. If you do it outside as I have (and I have done it many times) choose a dry warm day and don't work past sunset as the change in humidity could affect the finish.
    Test the gun you are going to use on some scrap material to get the setting right. Never shoot at full volume/throttle, it's better to take your time and layer up several light coatings to achieve the build you require. Being impatient will cause runs if you keep spraying before each layer has a chance to stiffen up. Always start your motion before pulling back on the trigger. This will give you a nice even flow without having heavy shades, lines or dark spots. The more reducer you use, the wetter the paint will come out. The manufacturer recommended a 1:1 ratio of the DBC and the DT870 reducer, I actually mixed 1: to 3/4 as I like it a bit dryer.

    Earlier in the day I sprayed down a darker tone where you see the masking paper in place. This of course was to protect it from over-spray from consecutive layers of candy. The image of that area is not posted at this time, however was a blend of the Shamrock with a hint of black just to tone it down. The next step in the process will be adding some fancy graphic lines. I have prepared two stencils that will serve as the outline and will be mirrored from one side to another so they will appear even. I have chosen another color for that and will be back with the results if successful.
    In the end, I will be shooting green metal flake through the first layer of clear coating. (More to come on this later)

    Hope this info is somewhat helpful for the do-it yourselfers out there.
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    That looks great Peter!

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    Nice Job Peter!!!
    weren`t you worried about the overspray on Your Van or trailer?...PR...

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    It was a long long rainy winter and I had been waiting for the weatherman to call out an accurate reading. I threw in the towel on the 6 o'clock news and just had to take the plunge. Unfortunately, the van had to be the sacrificial lamb, and I ring the weatherman's phone at exactly 3:33 a.m. every other day just to show him what accuracy is like. LoL

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    my boy has that color(very close to it atleast) on his yamaha looks incredible

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    Very informative! I love the make shift spray booth! What ever works.

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