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    2006 Sportster Airbox Recall?

    Ok I'm sure most of you now about the saftey recall for the inside of the airboxes coming apart from the seat monting darts and thats why seadoo is putting in the protection screens inside the intake hose to stop any pieces of the plastic airbox from being sucked into the intake. I removed my airbox and inspected it and it's fine none of the mounting darts from the front seats hit my airbox when it was put together in the factory. But Lets say one of us take our boat in for the recall and the airbox is defective and coming apart you meen to tell me the dealer is just gonna throw a screen inside the intake hose instead of replacing the airbox? Did most of the early model seadoo boats and skis have screens inside the intake to protect from anything getting into the intake? Has anybody had the entire airbox replaced becuase it was defective? Thanks for any info...

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    Yup, the old screen fix. The two stoke boats had screens in the airbox
    as part of the spark arrestor. The Mercuy boats did not. I have no idea about the 4-tech boats. The piercing of the air box on the 4-techs cropped
    up early. I would think that later boats would not have that problem. At least you would think.

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    If that's the same thing I'm thinking of it only applies to the NA models. At least it did in the S200 recall.


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