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    need help polaris sl650 and sltx1050

    I need help am getting water inside the ski from the drive shaft leaking from it does anyone know how to fix it and is it hard to do? you can email me at or post it Thanks

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    You pull the pump and repair or replace the drive shaft bushing! about an hour job Z

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    If the housing is OK you can just replace the 2 seals

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    were is the bushing located ? is it were the water is leaking on the shaft?

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    loosen the clamp on number 4 then rotate part 4 it until you see the split this should reveal the bushing to you I'm sure the bushing was neglected !as you need to grease them allot! Z

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    Anybody know if grifter solved his problem??

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    nope still working on it.trying to get the parts.thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by grifter View Post
    nope still working on it.trying to get the parts.thanks

    make sure your shaft is OK too. i have seen many cause damage to the drive shaft.

    i have some good used seal carriers here if you need.

    send me an email if i can help. zig

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