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Thread: GPR lights ?

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    GPR lights ?

    Guys i saw this in the gallery, can you please point me to the topic or where i can find more info.

    Sure does look cool.

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    That is John Abbott - the King of Bling!

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    i think those lights are just the lights that people buy for their street bikes when they take off that stock finder and tail lights, and also just for looks.

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    That one is my bike. I have several pics of the lights in the photo section of the forum under "skis" and "member glleries".

    I have wired 12v motorcycle police lights to the rear (the blue ones). Then drilled 2 holes for (2) red lights in between each chrome frame.

    The police lights were bought here in Birmingham at an outlet store for law enforcement. I have a strobe module also for different police flash patterns as well but i am having some issues with the lights not being near as bright (when running through the strobe controller), so for now it's either off or on via the toggle switch with a direct connection to the battery via an array of positive and negative terminals housed in the front of the ski (waterproofed as well).

    The Chrome frame houses (4) individual lights and can been seen from up to 5 miles away if you were to have a clear view. The reds were in packs of (4) at the local auto zone here and are for miscellaneous use, but still very bright.

    The front of that ski has reds, blues, and one green in the center.

    The dashboard of that ski has led lights from Radio Shack to tell me what switch is on or off. I have installed toggle switches for the MSD Ignition, Front Lights, Back Lights, Depth Finder (self installed), and the for the 2 bilge pumps in the back of the boat (one on each side of the pump tunnel).

    This boat will have it's first public appearance in Morgan City, LA in June for the mudbug nationals.

    Here are some more pics.

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