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Thread: 06 gpr troubles

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    06 gpr troubles

    well after several attempts at fixing my issue im stuck.

    2 saturdays ago took the ski out it ran great 72xx something rpm. The next day took it out road around for awhile Check engine light came on. went back to the beach popped the seat off and noticed i had left the flush port open. Water had been coming out the pissers so i dont believe i had hurt anything. Got back to the house checked the code it was a 15 (engine tempature sensor) code. cleared the code, ran it on the hose at the house CEL came back on, same code. so looked up sensors specs. the ETS needs about 10k ohms at 195-200 degrees, So made a harness to plug in to the engine harness, fired up no CEL. Yesturday went to do some water testing launched, idle over to the beach cut it off, and it would not restart, CEL back on for code 15. Tonight did some more work, ohmed the sensor, at air temp, then in boiling water. Sensor seems to be working properly. Performed a continuity test from sensor plug to the pins at the pcm plug tested ok, did the wiggle test on the harnes. Have continuity on the v-ref wire bl/or, and contimuity on the signal return wire bl/y. Also ohmed the ECT, and exhaust temp sensor and they are with in manufactor spec.

    Im lost and need help, any ideas?

    NExt step is to a dealer, but its boat season in florida and i dont want tobe with out the ski for at least a month or more.

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    If you have an efi unit unplug it and hook the plugs back to factory. Start it and see if the engine light comes back on.

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    tried that, still there. Do you have to clear the trouble code some way? I've disconnected the battery and let it sit for about 5 min then hooked it back up and its still there.

    Also tried it with another ETC and CEL is still there with code 15.

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    What mods do you have?

    What are efi settings?

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