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    ? about the "adjustible stock bov"

    ok so i've been reading over the thread about the bov and how am i supposed to know if its leaking or not? I mean if i can take it off, adjust and if it goes faster then hey im all for it, but i dont wanna risk breaking it if its working fine in the first place.....

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    I made a test fixture. Start with a ¾” galvanized pipe flange. Sand the bottom flat. Drill 2 new holes 2.25” apart on opposite sides of the flange. Cut a gasket from inner tube or maybe cork to match the BOV and bolt the BOV and gasket to the flange (not too tight) using ¼-20 x ¾” bolts. Screw a pipe nipple into the flange and a “T” fitting on the nipple. The T should be threaded with all 3 legs female (for some reason ph2ocraft’s avatar just came to mind). In one leg of the T, install another nipple with a cap on the end. On the other leg of the T, thread in a 12 inch pipe section with a cap on the other end.

    Prior to installing the pipe caps, drill them with a 29/64 drill bit (15/32 might be a better choice as they fit really tight) and install a rubber tire valve stem from the inside. Use about 3 wraps of Teflon tape on each joint. The 12 inch pipe is to provide some air volume to make the test more stable.

    You need a very accurate air pressure gauge (a good 0 – 30 PSI Intercomp with a digital Intercomp gauge to double check results worked well for me) on the valve stem nearest the BOV. Supply air to the valve stem furthest from the BOV using a weak air supply such as a portable air tank with 20 psi in it.

    My valve required 1 3/8 turns in to get to 12.2 psi. The test was very repeatable and stable. The adjustment was very noticeable and linear.

    I’m hoping someone (Rrated are you listening?) will offer this as a service to you guys. I would have gladly paid $50 plus shipping to avoid this hassle and I had all the things which made it easy like a stationary belt sander to sand the flange, valve stems, a valve stem installation tool (without it you will need to get a tire store where you buy the stems to install them for you), an air tank and a couple of very accurate air gauges.

    I’ll test tomorrow and post results.


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