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    Breakin IN

    i jsut rebuild my xl1200l and i was wonderin whats the best way to break it in...

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    What worked best for me, was 1/4 throttle for 15 minutes, shut down and cool off for 15 minutes. 1/2 throttle for 15, shut down and cool off for 15 min, 3/4 throttle for 15 min, cool down for 15 min. After that, ride it like you stold it. Do the 1st 15 minutes with the boat on the trailer backed in the water with the seat off so you can check for leaks. Do the cool down with the seat off too. NEVER just sit on the throttle @ a certain RPM. Rev it up and down but never go above the the range listed above.
    Do a search and you will get all kinds of ways.

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    use 2 stroke oil non synthetic type for break in. mix 32:1
    Don't idle the motor, keep revs over 2000.
    vary throttle up/down, don't hold it wide open for more than few seconds until you are into second tank of gas, after 2 tanks go to 40:1 and amsoil or other good synthetic

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    A lot of guys are using the AMSOIL Synthetic Interceptor Oil.

    Interceptor Oil

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