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    Air & Water temp

    Which has the greater effect on the 250X's performance, higher air or water temp? All of my rides so far have been in 60-70 degree air temp with about 55 to lower 60's water temp.

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    Intake air temp.

    So the intercooler cools about the same no matter water temp but I really don't know. just a guess. Water temps where I ride only change about 15-20 degrees F. Air can vary over 40f.
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    Water temperature since 250X has air to water Intercooler. According to R-rated performance, stock IC can cool the intake air to 12 deg. above water temp at full throttle. Based on this, I don't care if it is 100 deg. outside with compress air 190 deg. F. If the water is 50 deg. (which it will not be at 100 deg.), the IC should cool intake charge to 62 deg.

    The intake charge is going to be pretty hot as it is compressed so efficiency of IC is very important. The cooler the IC, the more air density.

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