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    Paint & molding tips

    (This is for those who want to try paint & molding tricks on their own)

    I'm posting some tips and finished images on painting those plastic and bumper components.
    As work is still in progress I started off with the hood and bumpers from an XP.
    Everything cleaned first with wax and grease remover, then primed with PPG Kondar DZ3 Lacquer primer (gray). (No sanding required on any parts)

    I had good results in achieving the flat black finish with the following PPG materials:
    (For a hard finish flat black)

    Concept 902 Black + DX 685 flattening agent + DU5 hardener + DT 860 reducer. (All PPG)

    Be careful when using the flattening agent as it will start to go whitish if exposed to air for too long. Only mix what you need at a time and keep the lid on the can when not using. I used 4parts black: 1 part reducer: 2 parts hardener and 3 parts flattener.

    After it gassed off for a day, I hand polished it with Mothers Carnauba to get that final solid flat look.

    There is another image posted with a piece of chrome trim being inserted into the bumper track rather than the OEM plastic insert.
    It is: 3M Automotive molding, 7/8" inch width and has a slight thickness to it. Product number is: All Chrome XC-0616-1340-9.
    It requires slight shaving of the edges to make it fit the bumper track and I will use dish soap to lubricate it when I do the final installation.

    Hope this is useful to those who are looking for change.
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    please! i need feeback?
    it good for long time!
    or is cheap and i need repair each years!
    because i have xp 1996 and i will mod like spx1999!
    i want paint my hull black and my hood!

    do you have other picture! big picture!i want see paint on hood finish

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