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    DIY: Molded Gauge Pod


    Step 1:
    Sand off the paint where you want the pod located. Also sand down the gauge pod itself, if you don't the fiberglass/fillers and paint will have a hard time bonding to it. 120 Grit sandpaper works well.

    Step 2:
    With the gauge pod positioned where you like, melt/weld the pod to the hood. I had to cut some of the pod pillar surface off so that it would sit correctly. Then I used a soldering iron to melt the two together. After that I melted extra plastic (that I previously cut off the pod) around the seam of the hood/pod to give it some shape and fill in the low spots created.

    Step 3:
    Use coarse grit (60/80/100) and sand down the plastic into the shape you want. When the general shape you want is desired, your ready for the fillers.

    Step 4:
    Using some type of fiberglass filler(KittyHair, BondoGlass, Etc.), mix the filler and hardener per directions and apply over the pod. Let dry and sand(100-150grit), and reapply as nessecary. Several layers may be needed, 4 thin layers are better than 1 thick layer. Keep it thin and fill in low spots and sand down the high spots. On the last layer use a finer grit sandpaper(200-300) to smooth it out real nice.

    Step 5: Optional
    Same as Step4 except use a plastic filler(org. bondo) to fill in the fiberglass imperfections. Not really needed if you do alot of sanding with the glass fillers, but plastic fillers are easier/faster to sand versus the fiberglass fillers.

    Step 6:
    Primer, I used a urethane based primer/sealer. Spray a few thin coats, let it dry and wetsand w/400-500grit, you don't want to sand too much of the primer off, just enough to let the next layer of paint stick and to finish lowering the high spots. The first coat you may need to use a little coarser grit-300ish.

    ^before wetsanding

    ^After wetsanding

    Step 7:
    Of course make sure its clean, and your ready for the base paint->clear.

    Final Tips;
    Remember if you want the paint to look the best, your sanding is the key. The paint will show up all the imperfections in the prior sanding stages, so sand, sand, sand.


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    Fine job!

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    dats niice!

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    I am impressed FINE JOB !!!!

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    That is fabulous bro!...nice job!...PR...

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    Great job !!!

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    Nice!=d> =d> =d> =d> =d> =d>

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    Thanks! I didn't care much for the "stick it in the steering pad" mounting method alot of people do, so I decided this would be a much cleaner way to do it.


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