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    What's this part in the pump?

    I don't have pics of it but it's the black portion of the pump that you visualize from the intake grate, and located JUST BEFORE the impeller and rest of the pump system. It's a black, hard plastic (or something) with it's own veins of some sort that apparently assist in directing water flow into the impeller.

    Anyway, as you may know, I ruined my impeller....well, this particular part is missing a vein and the rest are dinged somewhat. Questions is, is this part just as sensitive to damage as the impeller is? And is it replaceable?

    Thanks a lot!

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    It's called the "pump support". The RXP has "veins", but the RXT does not... no one knows for sure why. Many RXP owners who have damaged the veins simply remove them and smooth out the surface to look like the RXT's... and have never noticed a difference in performance.

    Replacing the pump support is a rather involved job... cutting, grinding and smoothing, though not a breeze, may be the better alternative.

    Here are two URLs that may explain/show the difference:

    Hope this helps,


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    Jeff, that explains it all perfectly.....I suppose I'll just clean them up if I can reach them. Otherwise, screw it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blkturbo! View Post
    Jeff, that explains it all perfectly.....I suppose I'll just clean them up if I can reach them. Otherwise, screw it.

    They cut down on left turn boug but unless you are a racer I would not replace a pump shoe.I would do what 05Limited said I know this will be fine too.Don't ask how I know even though it was not me either time.

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    You will have to remove all viens. People have just fixed the damaged ones and had bad cavitation.

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    I just did the same thing and did what the others said but check out your pump too as the vains in mine were chewed up to just a little. so it is off at Impros to be filled in and rebuilt back to new then I should be back to good.

    I miss the speed!!

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